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Camperpark Schaartven, something for you?

Camperpark Overloon, something for you? Do you have a question for us? Let us know via the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Overnight stay at Camperpark Schaartven

The price for renting a camper spot without electrical facilities is €20 per night, a spot with electrical facilities is €24 per night. This amount applies to 2 persons.

In addition, each camper spot includes access to and use of a dump site for waste water, a dump site for chemical toilets, water, shower, and WiFi. You can add extra people and/or dogs during the booking process.

For a complete overview of the rates, you can visit this page.

Overloon is a village with 4,090 inhabitants (2021) on the edge of the Peel, in the municipality of Land van Cuijk, in the Dutch province of North-Brabant.

Since the Kingdom of the Netherlands was established, Overloon and Maashees were part of the municipality of  Maashees en Overloon and since 1942 of the municipality Vierlingsbeek. In 1998, Vierlingsbeek became part of the municipality of Boxmeer. On January 1st, 2022, Boxmeer merged into the municipality of Land van Cuijk.

Camperplek Overloon
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